Pet Urine Treatment

Pet Urine Treatment
We love our pets, but pet urine and other messes can leave unsightly stains and bad odors that seem to linger forever. This is due to the chemical makeup of urine, which is not effectively combatted using regular cleaning products. Even some products advertised as ideal for dog or cat messes only mask the smell.

At Midwest, we’ve seen our share of pet messes caused by dogs, cats, and more, and we have developed a treatment system that actually works. We use steps included in other cleaning and treatment packages such as our stain release solution and steam cleaning, but with an added component - our living enzyme treatment is designed especially to break down uric acid in pet urine stains that make them so difficult to remove and so pungent.

Cat Urine & Feces Stains

Cats are known for having particularly strong smelling urine that can linger in carpet fibers for years. Midwest's living enzyme treatment is the best solution cat urine stains on carpet because we don't just lift the stains, but also remove the odor that comes along with them completely.

Dog Urine & Feces Stains

If you've ever owned a dog, you know that it's a lot of work. At one time or another, your dog is bound to get sick or make a mess in the house. When that happens on the carpet, you can be left with stubborn stains and smells. Our living enzyme treatment combined with our stain removal methods is the best way to ensure the complete removal of any stains, smells, or bacteria left behind by your dog.

Next time your dog or cat makes a mess in the house, contact us to schedule your professional pet urine treatment.