Spot Carpet Dyeing

Whether your carpet has experienced a large bleach stains, discoloration for the sun, or an irreversible stain, professional spot carpet dyeing restores these areas of your flooring's luster and saves you from costly replacements. The sun, bleach, or other harsh chemicals can fade or change the coloring and appearance of your carpet. At Midwest Carpet, our experienced carpet professionals utilize high quality, top-of-the-line carpet dye to restore the soiled areas of your carpet, saving you valuable time and money on costly replacements.

Benefits to Spot Carpet Dyeing Services

  • Permanent
  • Vibrant
  • Professional
  • Highly resistant to fading
  • Many color options

At Midwest Carpet, we pay great attention to detail. We only use the highest quality chemicals and technologies to permanently dye the effected carpet fibers. With our spot dyeing, our skilled technicians work with you to help you choose the ideal color to match your existing flooring. Carpet dyeing is the most efficient and effective way to refresh your home without paying for expensive carpet replacements.

Restore your carpet back to its original glory with our spot carpet dyeing services. Call or contact us to schedule with our professionals today.