Carpet Cleaning Chemicals

In order to give you the cleanest carpet, upholstery, and flooring possible, we utilize an array of chemical solutions to pre-treat and protect what we clean. The chemicals that we use are safe and are applied by our knowledgeable and experienced technicians.

  • Soil Release Solution: This powerful solution is applied to carpet and upholstery as a pre-treatment and is used to break down and loosen soil and staining agents prior to steam cleaning.
  • Living Enzyme Treatment: The living enzyme is used to break down uric acid and other difficult-to-remove organic molecules that can cause stains and bad odors.
  • Deodorizer: To extend the effects of your carpet cleaning service, a deodorizing agent is applied to carpet following steam cleaning.
  • Scotchgard: For extra defense against staining and soil buildup, we offer Scotchgard protection, which may be applied as a last step during your carpet cleaning service.

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