Hard Surface Floor Care

Hard flooring can often be swept under the rug when it comes to considering deep cleaning. Many people don't realize the gradual fading or accumulation of dirt and grime on their hard floors, and go without professional cleaning until the floors are stained or damaged from wear. At Midwest, our hard floor care services allow you to maintain the original state of your floors and recover from stains, wear, and buildups of soil on any hard floor material.

Our selection of specialized industrial strength equipment allows us to clean and care for every hard floor from concrete to VCT. Concrete and stone flooring is tough, and requires tough cleaning, so our technicians can remove stains and dirt using our powerful spin jet. On the other hand, VCT flooring can be damaged by certain tools and solutions when not properly cleaned, so our highly-experienced team uses special care when cleaning. When necessary, we will strip and refinish VCT flooring, restoring the surface to a shiny like-new condition.

Whether your property is lined with stone, epoxy, or another kind of hard flooring, Midwest can make it shine again with our hard surface floor care services. Contact us to schedule your hard floor cleaning or refinishing service today.