What We Clean

There are many surfaces in a commercial, institutional, and industrial facilities that can accumulate a buildup of soil and dirt. Aside from carpets and rugs, the furniture upholstery, partitions, and other flooring also require regular cleaning in order to keep up a professional, presentable facility. The following surfaces for which we offer high-quality professional cleaning services:

  • Carpet (including stairs): Carpet can be one of the most difficult and expensive surfaces to maintain in an office. By scheduling a cleaning at least once in the recommended every 12 months, you can ensure that you will save money by extending the life of your carpet. Our experts use state-of-the-art industrial strength cleaning methods and can also provide specialty treatments such as Scotchgard protection, deodorizing, or sanitizing.
  • office lobbyArea Rugs: Area rugs can be very delicate and require special care to effectively clean. At Midwest, we have the experience and skills to clean any type of area rug without causing damage.
  • Partitions/Panels: Cubicle panels and partitions are a standard element of an office space, but cleaning them can be difficult or often go overlooked during regular cleaning. Our team of technicians have the experience and knowledge necessary to clean these surfaces and remove any stains or day-to-day build up of soil.
  • cleaning upholsteryUpholstery: You can extend the life of your office furniture by properly maintaining your upholstery. Midwest offers high quality, professional upholstery cleaning, and the most challenging soil conditions are routine to our expert technicians.
  • Other flooring: Our wide range of professional cleaning tools, chemicals, and equipment allows us to clean and treat a number of flooring surfaces other than carpet. We are experienced in cleaning concrete, vinyl composite tile, stone tile, and epoxy.

At Midwest, we know how important it is to maintain a clean and appealing environment in your facility. Contact us today to to schedule your commercial cleaning service.