Eco-Friendly Carpet Cleaning

baby on carpetHazardous chemicals and toxic cleaners can sometimes be used to clean your carpets. These chemicals can permeate into the water supply and and have damaging effects on the on the environment, as well as pose a health risk for the community. At Midwest Carpet, our systems are powered by Hydrology®. This eco-friendly carpet cleaning solution provides you with a deep, comprehensive cleaning of your flooring without utilizing harsh solvents that could harm the environment.

Benefits to Eco-Friendly Carpet Cleaning

  • Water-Based Cleaning Solutions
  • No Harsh, Hazardous Chemicals
  • No Soap Residues
  • And More

Hydrology® transforms water into a higher pH creating a stronger, more advanced cleaning solution. This process works by combining saline solution, softened water, and a molecular charge with standard drinking water to transform it into alkaline water: a powerful cleaner that removes tough stains without the need for toxic chemicals. Not only is our advanced technology better for the environment, it also leaves your carpets cleaner longer without a crunchy residue.

Get a deeper, cleaner carpet without the harmful chemicals with Midwest Carpet Cleaning. Call or contact us today to schedule your eco-friendly carpet cleaning solutions.