Residential Carpet Cleaning

cleaning van in driveway

Carpet is one of the most difficult surfaces in your household to maintain and clean. Everyday traffic, even when shoes are removed, causes wear and a buildup of soil. In order to counteract that buildup, carpet should be professionally cleaned at least once every 12 months, and in areas with heavy traffic, more often than that. Vacuuming or moving furniture adds a risk of damage by snagging threads or ripping holes, and, of course, spills are an inevitable threat to the condition of your carpet. Spills and stains caused by common household materials such as grease, wax, red juice or dye, or ink can be impossible to remove without professional services. Midwest provides thorough and professional cleaning solutions for carpet stains, upholstery, hard flooring, and more in Michigan and Northwest Ohio.

If you have a seemingly impossible to remove stain or you’ve neglected to schedule regular professional carpet cleaning, your carpet may not yet be a lost cause. Many people waste hundreds or thousands of dollars replacing carpet that could be saved by utilizing our cleaning, restretching, or repair services. If you have difficult stains, you’re dissatisfied with the state of your carpet, or you would like to schedule a regular cleaning to maintain the condition and extend the life of your carpet, call us to schedule a consultation and save the money, time, and hassle that comes with replacing worn or stained flooring. Our services also include the latest protection, sanitizing, and deodorizing treatments to prolong your carpet’s life and give you the confidence that your carpet will stay clean and look like new for as long as possible.

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